Website Internship at Framingham High School
Matt Osber
School Year 2016-2017

For the fourth year I will be offering a website internship at FHS for students interested in working on a professional website. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in history, writing, website marketing, social media, or computer science and technology.

I have been a software developer for over 30 years, with much of my experience in the area of educational technology. Over the past few years, I’ve developed the site My Moral Compass, which is a series of articles published on the web that look at historical events through the lens of the moral compass.

The internship consists of learning about and doing the hands-on work of updating and adding improvements to the website. There is one weekly meeting after school where students can complete the work, or combine it with work done on their own.
There are 3 tracks:

  • Writing and content development track: Students will be researching and writing new content based on the historical topics of your choice. Students who complete the researching and writing of an article of their own will be able to have it published on the website. In addition students will be helping to review the current content.
  • Webmaster track: This track will consist of updating the website, updating an online newsletter, and using social media to drive more online traffic.
  • Technical track: This track consists of coding and technology development, which will be a mix of HTML, Javascript, PHP, and SQL coding. No prior knowledge of these languages is necessary, just a desire to work on coding and technology.

Students primarily work on one track but will be encouraged to work on any activities that interest them.

We meet in the library after school each Thursday.

Please contact me at or see Ms. Courchesne or Ms. Barry in the library or Mr. Koshero in the career office to find out more.

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