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They say you can tell anyone's favorite music by taking their birth year and adding 16. In my case that would be 1974 which is just about right as most of my favorite music comes from the 1960s and 1970s.
Back in the 1970s Casey Kasem used to have a weekly show where theyd count down all the best songs for the week. Growing up I always thought it would be fun to do my own countdown. Now, through the magic of the internet and YouTube, I've created a modern day top 100 countdown. Made up of music from the era that I grew up with, that is.
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I'm releasing them in batches of 10. Check back in the next weeks and months for the next batch.

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Here are a few hints for the current batch:
Here are the previous batches:
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Tribute to Dona G

A big inspiration for my love of music has been my dear cousin Dona G. Click here to see my tribute to Dona G.