A Few Words about Matt Osber, Writer and Developer

I’ve been a software developer for 35 years, with most of my career spent developing educational technologies for the K-12 markets. I’m also an avid writer – I’ve self published a book and have written several articles and blog postings on topics ranging from the Red Sox to electric cars.

The History

Starting in 2010 I began writing a series of articles which examine important historical events through the lense of morals and ethics. I was fascinated by how people so often abandon their values and principles when confronted with greed, or fear, or a screaming mob. Through my research, I came to realize that we also have many important figures who do stick to their ethical principles in very heroic ways. With this theme I created the blog called My Moral Compass.

As I shared my blog with friends and family, I came to realize that My Moral Compass would make a great resource to use with students as they are learning about history. With the moral and ethical dilemmas posed by My Moral Compass, students would be encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate our history. Given my experience in educational technology, building an educational platform for teachers to use would be a perfect match.

Since the launch in 2012 I’ve set out to create a simple educational resource for teachers to use with their students. Teachers would be able to assign topics on My Moral Compass with their own set of instructions, and students would be able to complete these assignments either in class or as homework. The content would be delivered in a rich electronic format that minimizes setup and preparation time for teachers.

For the first time today, we now have a complete solution!

The Educator’s Edition

The Educator’s Edition of My Moral Compass now allows teachers and educators to easily assign activities to their students with just a few clicks.
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