My Moral Compass For Students

My Moral Compass is a new interactive website that examines important historical events through the lens of a moral compass or distinguishing right from wrong.

There are lots of topics on American history, world history, sports and entertainment that present some very interesting moral and ethical issues.

If you’ve been assigned a topic in one of your classes at school, explore all of the resources in that topic. If you are looking for a topic to explore, take your time and enjoy the site!

Explore Our Large Collection of Digital Resources

Explore the videos and graphics. YouTube has millions of videos but at My Moral Compass we’ve picked out the best ones on each topic. Here is a small list of must see videos.

  • Womens Suffrage Movement – Lady Gaga spoof
  • Segregation and Jim Crow – 5 minute clip of Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream Speech
  • Milgram Experiment – animated video on experiment
  • Watergate – Nixon declares I am not a crook
  • Iran-Contra – Animated video from The Family Guy
  • Tobacco Companies – Joe Camel animated video

Try out the Who’s Who page. How many of these historical figures do you recognize?

Explore some of the topics you may have already studied in your history classes. The Vietnam War and Watergate articles have some interesting and personal perspectives from the author. Or you may want to read about topics you aren’t familiar with. The Confessions is a story about 4 Navy sailors who were forced to give false confessions, for example. Or you may not know about Alan Turing, the father of modern computer science. The Napster article discusses the moral and ethical issues around downloading music. In addition, there are 3 articles that were written by current or former Framingham High School students – The Attempted Neo-Nazi March in Skokie, Ill, The School of the Americas, and The OJ Simpson Trial. With such a wide variety of content, you’re sure to find a topic that interests you.

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