Here’s what you will need to consider in creating a My Moral Compass Educator’s Site:

1. What topics would you like to cover?

You can find the full list of topics on the main My Moral Compass menu. Select the topics that best fit into your curriculum and/or you feel your students would find interesting. You can select as few or as many topics as you like.

2. How do you want to categorize the topics?

You can present the topics in any order and group them as you like.

3. What would you like say in your welcome message?

The welcome message appears to the right of the links to your topics. Straight text or HTML can be included.

4. What instructions and activities do you want to include with each topic?

An example topic specification would be:

Topic: Watergate

Read through all of the material on the Watergate page. Select one of the following assignments:

Assignment #1: Download the scorecard document and fill out the scorecard. Give each of the participants an A – F grade and state your reasons why.

Assignment #2: Download the document Watergate-Questions and write a 1 paragraph essay for 2 of the 3 questions.

Getting Started

Take a look at the demo site to see more examples of how classroom activities are set up.

To get started building your own My Moral Compass site, download this form, fill it out, and email it to me at along with any attached documents with your own writing prompts. With this information, we can create a site together.