Guidelines for Submitting a My Moral Compass Article

My Moral Compass encourages writers to submit content to be published on the site. The content should be about an event in our history where there is a moral or ethical spin. The following are guidelines to the content that should be submitted.


The manuscript of an article should be approximately 1000-2000 words. It should be broken out into the following parts:

  • Introduction – 1-2 paragraphs introducing the topic, to be viewed by the reader when they arrive at the page before they expand to read the whole topic.
  • Main Article – The main body describing the event in our history.
  • Author Analysis – A recap of the event from the author’s perspective including moral and ethical judgments on the people involved.
  • Moral Compass Scorecard (optional) – This is a listing of the people involved in the event, your grading from A-F and comments on how they did according to the moral compass. As an author, you can use your judgment as to how well the moral compass scorecard works for your content.


Each article requires at least 3 and up to 8 media elements, which can be YouTube videos and/or graphics.

  • YouTube Videos – Specify the URL of the video. Make sure it can be embedded (the video poster can block embedding but most do not). In general I prefer the videos to be on the shorter side, less than 10 minutes long.
  • Graphics – Specify the URL of the graphic (where it can be found on the internet), or send the image file. Make sure the graphic can be legally reposted and send along any required attribution for the image.

Our team can provide help in researching media elements as needed.

Bibliography and Links

Each article should have 2 or more reference links that are either links to source material the article was drawn from, or interesting links on the internet to other content on the same topic. Specify the URL of the link and the title of the link as it should appear on the page.

Final Posting

Once the content has been submitted, our team will post the content through the production system and send you a link to the page for approval prior to it being added to the live site.