Guidelines for Submitting a My Moral Compass Article

My Moral Compass encourages writers to submit content to be published on the site. The article that you contribute should prompt learners to grapple with their own ethics and consider who the decision makers were in this big event.


The manuscript of an article should be approximately 1000-2000 words. It should be broken out into the following parts:

  • Introduction – 1-2 paragraphs introducing the topic, to be viewed by the reader when they arrive at the page before they expand to read the whole topic.
  • Main Article – The main body describing the event in our history.
  • Author Analysis – A recap of the event from the author’s perspective including moral and ethical judgments on the people involved.
  • Moral Compass Scorecard (optional) – This is a listing of the people involved in the event, your grading from A-F and comments on how they did according to the moral compass. As an author, you can use your judgment as to how well the moral compass scorecard works for your content.

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