I’ve been a software developer and writer for many years. Software development is my profession whereas writing is a hobby. With the advent of the internet I’ve been able to combine the two on a number of interesting projects.

For years, my passion was my interest in baseball and the Red Sox. I created www.osber.net which is a site devoted to baseball and the Red Sox. I developed an online simulation game, a searchable database of baseball statistics, and even an animated baseball guy based on the facial animation technology of one of my former dot-com companies that crashed. In 2004 I wrote and self-published a book called “Dream Season” which is a fantasy story about a boy who dreams of the Red Sox winning the World Series. Surprise! What seemed unimaginable in early 2004 became a reality not once but twice.

In 2010 I began researching and writing a series of articles about historical events that interested me. I found that there was a common theme – people hold very dear a set of moral values that they are guided by in their lives, but often they abandon those values when it comes time to make big decisions. Sometimes they abandon their values out of greed, or fear, or following the mob. Sometimes they just do what they’re told. Sometimes they overcome these forces to do the right thing. With the benefit of hindsight, wouldn’t it be interesting to give the players in each of these events a report card?

After writing a number of these articles, I decided they’d be better published online where people can watch the videos, link to the source articles, and comment on the events and people involved. I thought it would be fun to allow visitors to create their own report cards as well.
I hope visitors are able to enjoy the material on My Moral Compass and that it provokes constructive thought and dialog. In today’s polarized world, both sides think their way is the right way for the future. With events from the past, we know how things turned out and we know there are lessons to be learned.