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About Matt’s Top 100

First, a little about me

I’ve been a software developer for over 30 years now. I’m also a writer and blogger and have developed a number of hobby websites and blogs. See links to my sites here. I continue to enjoy sharing my hobby websites with audiences large and small.

All Time Great Songs

Recently I created a playlist on my iPhone called All Time Greats. I went through the thousands of songs I have on my iPhone and chose around 100 of the best songs from my era. That is, born in 1958, add 16, go plus or minus a few years. I remembered how much I enjoyed growing up with the radio show American Top 40 hosted by Casey Kasem every week which had this “dramatic” countdown of the popular songs of the week. Even more dramatic was when they counted down all of the songs for the year.

I realized I could make a blog out of these songs because there are so many memories associated with the music I grew up with. I also realized I could liven it up by including Youtube videos of each song, and a blog like this could use a similar format to what is in My Moral Compass. This might be a really fun blog to create.

Over a six month period I released my top songs 10 at a time and I enjoyed listening to each song, finding information and videos for each song, and writing about the memories I’ve had associated with my music.

What’s Next?

I’ve now started a new project to create a tool for you to create and share your own playlists. Read about it here.

Also check out my tribute to Dona G. She was a huge inspiration for my love of music and a great friend to all who knew her.