The Tobacco Companies
  • 1:39
    Tobacco CEOs testify before Congress
  • 18:10
    Great bit on tobacco from John Oliver
  • 3:14
    Spoof on Joe Camel

    I love your dedication to your late Mom. She was such a wonderful woman, but like so many, she just could NOT give up her cigarettes and had to pay the ultimatum price for her addiction .
    We were lucky, because my Mom , Shirley Shapiro was also addicted to cigarettes, but ONLY liked unfiltered Chesterfields. We boys, for her 50th Birthday, sent her to a doctor at Tufts who used hypnosis, and from that day to her death in 2001 NEVER smoked another cigarette. She also died of cancer, but cancer of the blood…I’m quite sure her cigarette smoking played a role in her end disease, but at least she did NOT smoke for the last 33 years of her life. Mom, Shirley Shapiro, said she dreamed about smoking cigarettes for ALL of those 33 years…and, she said that there was NOTHING like that first cigarette in the morning or that last cigarette before bed at night. Perhaps, the irony of ALL this is that my late Father, Nathan Shapiro, who NEVER smoked, died of lung cancer….maybe second hand smoke?

    I enjoyed Your article…. keep it up!

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